Sep 28, 2019 | Hardware

Developed by HTC and Valve, the HTC VIVE Pro is a fully featured VR (Virtual Reality) system that allows the most demanding needs of today’s VR users.

It utilises a “room scale” tracking technology with built in headphones which allows the user to move in a 3D space in real-time. With additional use of motion tracked handheld controllers, it enables the the user to interact with the 3D environment to create an immersive experience.

Branching off from the its former, the HTV VIVE, the HTC VIVE Pro features a dual cameras that can be utilized for pass-through video as well as AR (Augmented reality).   

Artists, gamers, architects, there’s VR for everyone with a huge content library available on VIVEPORT and SteamVR.  

The headset is your passage into the VR environment.