Feb 14, 2020 | OPPORTUNITIES

arc/sec Lab

SINGULARITY is a unique interdisciplinary architecture-dance-music experience that shifts our perception of architecture as a static construction towards an intelligently reacting behaviour.

The project creates a Cross Reality world. Large 3D holographic constructions appear interactively in space, visible without the need of any additional devices (goggles, screens, helmets etc). The installation combines a live render programme with a motion tracking system and a triangular setup of projectors illuminating a volume of haze particles. The outcome is 360 degrees haptic–digital space, accurately defined in all dimensions, interactive and inhabitable.

Marked with tracking devices three dancers interact with the holographic volumes. Audience and performer experience an intermixing of physical movement and data through transforming arcs of light. Clouds of data become wormholes, kites, watery walls and particle streams in response to live dance and techno sound. SINGULARITY was first presented at Q Theatre in Auckland on 2.11.2016. The project was newly developed as a two part performance for Ars Electronica Festival in Linz Austria. 10 shows were presented under the title `Drawing Spaces` and `Breathing Spaces` from 7.-11.9.2017.


Creative Directors: Uwe Rieger (Architecture) & Carol Brown (Choreography)

Interactive Architecture + Programming: Yinan Liu

Spatial Graphics: Ying Miao

Music: Jérome Soudan- Mimetic [F/Ch]

Sound Design: Russell Scoones

Performers: Zahra Killeen-Chance, Adam Naughton Solomon Holly-Massey

Lighting Consultant: Margie Medlin

The project was supported by Creative New Zealand