Lecture/workshop video recording

Feb 27, 2020 | OPPORTUNITIES

arc/sec Lab: Uwe Rieger & Yinan Liu

LightScale II floats through a virtual ocean like a giant whale, materialising environments, events and user interactions on its path. The installation generates a tactile data experience through 3D projections onto multi-layered gauze surfaces. The kinetic structure consists of a 20-metre long carbon construction, mounted asymmetrically on a single point support.

On a touch of the visitor the construction oscillates freely through space. A motion tracking system combined with ultra sound sensors recognises touch, position and movement of the LightScale. A live-render program overlays the physical construction with projected place bound and interactive digital information. The project has its roots in a design by kunst und techink (R. Hartl, M. Janekovic, U. Rieger, H. Schroeder) in Berlin in end 90’s. Equipped with latest digital spatial technologies LightScale II now advances towards an responsive navigation tool that creates haptic-digital constructions and materializes spatial narratives.

Design and Concept: Uwe Rieger


Programming: Yinan Liu; Technical Support: Karl Butler; Construction: C-TECH lmtd, Auckland, NZ; Textile Engineering: StructurFflex, Auckland, NZ; Textile Fabrication: Nautilus Sails, Auckland, NZ


With contributions and graphics from: Don Aualiitia, Louise Burling, Anne Buttle, William Challacombe-King, Jamikorn Charoenphan, Catherine Cruz, Ying Feng, Alex Goh, Zijia Ge, Michael Hori, Taryn Korent, Alexei Matene, Emilio Ocampo, Inosia Paea, Patrick Sherwood, Clement Wilson, Celine Xiang, Levi Shim