Digital Fabrication

At Digital Fabrication, we can make your big ideas become reality.


Featured image by Maito Akiyama – Station Composition Exercise

3D Printing

At DRH,¬†we’ve got three types of printers in total to aid your creations. The Ultimakers, which produce accurate and detailed prints wheraeas the Makerbot can produce prints quicker than Ultimakers. Lastly the Form 2 printer is a resin printer where it can create clear prints.

CNC Router Guide

The CNC router is a computer controlled machine for cutting different materials along a path, or 3D shape genreated by a software. Commonly, your site models can be easily made by the CNC Router. 

Image by Maito Akiyama - Station 5: Mixed Media - Explores the implications of the media on our drinking culture.

Lasercut Guide

If the CNC router can cut throught the material in 3D, the Laser cutter interprets only 2D shapes and cuts the material through a laser. The laser cutter is useful for cutting your walls or floorplates.