Uwe Rieger

DRH Academic Head and Lab Director of the arc/sec Lab

Uwe is an Associate Professor in the CAI faculty for Design and Design Technology, whose research interests lie in reactive architecture, process oriented spaces, haptic-digital modelling and fabrication, and biomimetic strategies and construction.

Ellie Bahmanteymouri

Lab Director of Political Economy of Digital Platforms

Ellie’s research interest is in the area of economic and political dimensions of the digital economy and their impacts on the land and property markets.




Valeriia Sukhorukova

Teaching Assistant

Zane Egginton

DRH Technical Team Leader

Zane is the technical lead within the DRH while also being responsible for the digital technologies and staffing across the faculty of creative arts and industries (CAI).

Mohsen Mohammadzadeh

Lab Director of Smart City and Micro-Mobility Policy Lab

Primary research domains for this Lab include: Industry 4.0, the political economy of smart city, disruptive mobility

Ken Chau

Teaching Assistant

Yan Li

DRH Co-ordinator

Yan received a MArch(Prof)(Hons) degree from the University of Auckland. She is the coordinator of the Digital Research Hub at the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Auckland.

Jacky Zheng

Teaching Assistant
Jacky is a research assistant at DRH. He is currently completing the MArch (Prof) degree at the University of Auckland. Jacky specializes in the field of mixed reality architecture. His thesis project explores the hybrid augmentation between the bio-physical matter and digital bits.

Manfredo Manfredini

Lab Director of Urban Relational Informatics 

Manfredo’s research focuses on the intersections between the historical, critical and projective disciplines of architecture and urbanism. 

Jennifer Rong

Teaching Assistant