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VR Tactile

February 14th, 2020

VR Tactile is a research thesis project of three Master students working at the AR/VR Garage – New Zealand’s leading innovation hub for AR/VR technology. VR Tactile is a haptic digital architectural environment that combines physical construction with digital information to create a multisensory, interactive experience. It uses virtual reality headset HTC VIVE, 1:1 physical installation with kinetic components and Unity 3D, to make digital information touchable.

VR Tactile project consists of three areas of investigation:

Physical Construction – Yan Li

The physical components for the installation are designed for a digital extension. Both components are are interlinked and follow a new design logic that creates a haptic-digital user experience.

Digital Expansion- Kyung Ho Min

The digitally extended environment is able react dynamically. Itis multi-functional and can morph according to user interaction with the physical components.

Intelligent Interaction – Xi Shao

VR tactile explores an intelligent interaction between architecture and its inhabitants by using kinetic building components to provide dynamic tactile feedback . Additionally hand gesture recognition is used for displaying user instructions.

Project Supervision: Uwe Rieger & Yinan Liu