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Laser Cutting

General Information:

Laser cutting is the process of cutting a material using a laser beam. This can be done to either trim down a material or to help cut it into complex shapes that more traditional tools would struggle with.

The intensity, speed, and focus of the laser beam can be controlled to achieve different cutting depths and patterns, making it a versatile and precise tool for manufacturing, prototyping, and artistic applications.

To Laser cut, please bring your file to the Laser Cutting Room, it is located on Level 1, Room 126 (Structures Studio), Building 421 (School of Architecture and Planning).

We do recommend to bring your own material to laser cut. However, we do have a small stock of MDF and Acrylic sheets that you can purchase. We have 3mm,6mm and 9mm thick MDF sheets, and we have 2mm and 3mm thick Acrylic sheets. All sheets are 600mm Length & 400mm Width. 

Please check with us beforehand before planning to use our material, just so we can check if we have any sheets in stock.

Email for Laser Cutting:


File format required:  Adobe Illustrator File  ( .ai )

Available Laser Cutters:

Small Laser Cutter – Working Area: 550mm (L) x 450mm (W)

Large Laser Cutter – Working Area: 850mm (L) x 550mm (W)

*Laser Cutting Jobs must fit within the Laser Cutters Working Area

*Each File must only contain one page of drawings

*Your material’s thickness must be between 0.1mm – 6mm. To cut material thicker than 6mm you will need to consult with us beforehand.

*Near the end of the Semesters, when it gets busy, there is usually a long queue for Laser Cutting (usually a 5-6 day queue). So make sure you bring your files in early.

*Your material’s thickness must be between 0.1mm – 6mm. To cut material thicker than 6mm you will need to consult with us beforehand.

*If you have a material you’re unsure about, please contact us beforehand so we can check. 

Materials we DO cut:

– Acrylic Sheet

– Balsa Sheets

– Bamboo Veneer

– Brown Cardboard

– Card

– Cedar Sheet

– Felt

– Greymount Card

– Mat Board

– Paper

– Plywood


Materials we DON’T cut:

– Bare Metal

– Brass

– Carbon Fibre

– Corflute

– Epoxy

– Fibre Glass

– Foam Board

– Glass


– Polystyrene

– Stainless Steel

– Stained Timber

– Titanium

– Treated Timber

– Vinyl

Costs and Payment:

Laser Cutting is charged by Laser Cutting Machine Credits if you bring your own material. The amount of Credits is determined by how long it takes to cut your material. When your Laser Cutting job is done, you will be told how many Laser Cutting Credits to order.

Please don’t purchase more than the amount quoted, as refunds are not available.

If you use our Acrylic Sheets or MDF Sheets you will have to purchase the sheet itself on the Creative Store, and then purchase the given amount of Laser Cutting Machine Credits. Please go to the Creative Store to check the stock levels for our Materials.

All payment is done via the Creative Store. After making the payment, please show the receipt to the DRH staff or you can send an email to us with the receipt attached. All jobs must be paid before collection.

Email for Laser Cutting: