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Digital Exhibition-Design Futures Lab Introduction

September 11th, 2021

Ars Electronica is here! 

Human activity is being constantly reshaped by new technologies and the data that flows through it. The Lab looks at how to create new products and services within such a world that are contextualized and Humane?

The design futures lab investigates cryptocurrency and its opportunities in the field of architecture. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency produced by coding and scriptwriting creating complex bits of information that is nearly impossible to counterfeit. Cryptocurrency can create efficiency in the building process with Smart Contracts, dramatically effect the planets environment with TripleT Coin, and establish strong and vibrant communities with Ka Pai Coin.

The Digital Research Hub (DRH) at the University of Auckland is proud to present Ars Electronica GARDEN AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND, a digital exhibition space facilitated by the Mozilla Hubs platform. 

For more information on Ars Electronica and this years festival click here.