Digital Exhibition-Digital Urban Economics Lab Introduction

September 11th, 2020

Ars Electronica is here!

The Digital Urban Economics Lab is a research Laboratory that map, examine and analyse the impacts of the different spatial variables on the prices in the land and property markets. Using AR, we investigate how digital economy may create new functions for the variables or transform their operations to behave differently in the market. The Lab explores how digital economy may change land use and necessitates changes in the urban planning system and responses.

Project introduction

This project consists of a series of video footage. Coming up with the idea of 

presenting CV and LV information from the database and street view at the same time by using AR technique.  The data visualization helps people better understand the meaning  behind the data. According to comparing two types of streets and their values, High street as the sample of business,( Hobson street as the sample of residential), we can figure out which one is more profitable.  It’s interesting that we all thought the value of the business type of street was greater than residential (maybe because of its high-end sense). However, Statistics indicates that Residential use of land is much more profitable than business use. We speculate the reason might relate to density or the utilization of the land etc. This will be our future research direction.

The Digital Research Hub (DRH) at the University of Auckland is proud to present Ars Electronica GARDEN AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND, a digital exhibition space facilitated by the Mozilla Hubs platform.

For more information on Ars Electronica and this years festival click here.