Digital Exhibitions-Smart city and Micro-Mobility Policy Lab Introduction

February 14th, 2024

Ars Electronica is here! 

The lab investigates urban planning and policy issues connected to Big Data.

Auckland as the Pipeline City

Urban infrastructure is vital for cities and their functions. The infrastructure pipe networks, including three water and gas pipe networks, are the backbones of cities and their current and future urban development and growth. The capacity of these networks informs various urban plans and policies such as urban intensification. Developing or expanding the existing infrastructure capacities to accommodate the increasing demand for the service requires massive investment. Yet, the pipelines and networks are often concealed underground, which is nor visible for urban decision-makers as well as the residents. This project intends to provide a better understanding of the pipelines and network in Auckland through Augmented Reality (AR).

The Digital Research Hub (DRH) at the University of Auckland is proud to present Ars Electronica GARDEN AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND, a digital exhibition space facilitated by the Mozilla Hubs platform. 

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