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2021 MODOS+4 Online Exhibition

December 12th, 2021

The School of Architecture and Planning would like to welcome you to our 2021 MODOS+4 End of Year Exhibition, which will be hosted virtually for the first time on Mozilla Hubs. In lieu of the annual MODOS exhibition, the online exhibition will showcase to the public a curated list of outstanding thesis, and student design works from all year levels in a hyper-realistic abstraction of the Architecture School. The virtual space has been designed and fabricated as a unique and interactive spatial experience and will be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the talents here at the Architecture School.

The Digital Research Hub at the School of Architecture and Planning are proud to curate and host this online exhibition, which showcases featured student projects from the Digital School Archive and a digital version of the school. We recommend using a computer browser, tablet or a decent VR headset to join the exhibition. The optimal browser for accessing the Mozilla Hubs platform is Mozilla Firefox if you are having difficulty accessing the hubs in Chrome. 

Project Credits:

Exhibition host: Digital Research Hub (DRH), University of Auckland

Hub designed by: Nicholas Rowsby, Calvin Feng, Eric Lee, Betty Han, Zoe Callesen, Ami Ishibashi

SoAP Digital Archive: Vicky Hu, Valeriia Sukhorukova

Social Media promotion: Ami Ishibashi

Supported by: Luke Schwalger, Raphael Angelo Gannaban

DRH: Uwe Rieger, Zane Egginton, Yan Li, Jacky Ziyi Zheng

Special thanks to: Andrew Douglas, Michael Milojevic, Anthony Brand