Job Opportunity

October 20th, 2022

TA/GTAs to support 299: Workshop Practice, Faculty of Engineering

Engineering are looking for additional TA/GTA’s to help Part II Engineering students learn workshop safety while building their own brushless DC electric motors. If you have experience with mechanical assembly, machining operations, welding, 3D printing, laser cutting, or circuit board soldering, then please apply.

A few notes:

– You’ll be trained first and get a chance to build your own motor.

– Digital Tools sessions (3D Printing, Laser cutting, and Soldering) are held on City campus.

– Mechanical Tools sessions (sheet metal folding, drilling, tapping, assembly, and troubleshooting) are held in the brand new student workshop on Newmarket campus.

– Contracts will be for up to 15 hrs per week (depending on your availability).

– Some scheduling flexibility is important to make sure we can cover all sessions among the TAs/GTAs.

For questions, contact Mark Jeunnette ( or Samuel Rosset (

To apply, fill out this form, by 26.10.22.